Books by a military veteran and spouse for the family


Jennifer Thill was born in Southern California as a triplet in a family of four daughters. As a daughter of Navy veteran, Jennifer grew up in a family centered on service for others. 

After attending the United States Naval Academy, Jennifer graduated in 2011 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She then went on to serve almost eight years of active duty service as a Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer before separating to start a family. She is now a military spouse of a current active duty Naval Officer and a mother of two young children. 

Writing now in her spare time, Jennifer wants to help children understand what their loved ones do in the military and what their sacrifices are for.


Why I Must Go

My husband, Jason, completed two deployments in two year. My daughter, Emily, was 18 months the first deployment, and 2 and a half the second deployment. He missed my son, Thomas’s birth and 9 months out of the first year of his life. While the first deployment was hard on Emily, she was a lot younger and didn’t grasp the magnitude of Jason not being there. He was “working,” as I would tell her. For the second deployment, Emily noticed that her dad was away for his job, while her friend’s dads returned home at night from their jobs. I saw her difficulty in grasping why this was. I wanted her to know that Jason loved her so much, and that was why he left for his job. He served in the military for her. I wrote Why I Must Go, to explain this to her, Thomas, and all other young children affected by loved ones military deployments.


I cried the first time I read this book. It was so beautiful.

– Chelsea A.

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